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Name: TAN LEE & PARTNERS | Legal consultation, Claims and Dispute, Family Dispute, Child Custody Estate and Probate and Real Estate Services | Skills and Experience Our Partners, Mr. Lee Chow Soon and Ms. Mabel Tan Swee Hong - Home
Description: Tan Lee & Partners provides effective and practical legal services to clients particularly with regards to our Corporate, Litigation and Conveyancing Practices. Legal services can be affordable too.
Keywords: Affordable, quality service, cost saving, claims, dispute, divorce, contested, uncontested, matrimonial, child, custody, guardianship, matrimonial assets, assets, family, law, separation, maintenance claims, PPO, personal protection order, civil, BCA, criminal, traffic accident, personal injury, consultation, real estate, HDB, private property, commercial property, JTC, estate, probate, letter of administration, Wills, trust, Power of Attorney, Lasting Power of Attorney, Mental Capacity, arbitration, mediation, Security of Payment Act, demand letter, settlement, agreements, corporate, mergers, acquisitions, IPO, IPOS, trademark, Intellectual Property, infringement, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, bankruptcy, insolvency, proof of debt, option to purchase, tenancy agreement, sale and purchase agreement, tender documents, licence agreements, share transfer, legal advice, legal consultancy, employment law, contracts, MNC, property ownership transfer, ministry of law, law society, alternative dispute resolutions, building and construction, conveyancing, property damage, yoke cheng, lee chow soon, mabel tan, ashton tan, lim say fang
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