Do you want to know detailed information about your network connection, or check a site for viruses? Here you can find or share various tests.

Speed test Determine the speed of your internet connection. The usual and fastest method
Anonymity check Validation Service for anonymization tools (VPN, HTTP proxy, web proxy)
File download speed Test of the time required to download a file of your defined size
Size of a downloaded file Calculation of the size of the file, which you can download for the time you defined
Information about an IP address or a domain Search for the available IP address information
Website IP Determine the IP address of a wesbite you are interested in
Response time of your computer Determine the response time of your computer, or ping
Content management system (CMS) Service for defining a website's content management system
Website hosting Determine a website's hosting service
Distance to a website Determine the distance from your computer to our website or the distance between two IP addresses with the results displayed on a map
Website info Complete website analysis. Search engine data, presence in directories, the amount of data, loading speed, hosting, cms, information on IP blacklisting and more
Websites on one IP Information about websites located on one server, that is on the same IP address
All domains of the same owner Information about domains belonging to the same owner
Website availability Check the website's availability at a given time
Website traffic Website traffic statistics for today, yesterday and the past month
IP in spam databases Check whether your IP address has been listed on the largest and most well-known spam databases
Email check The test checks whether a certain email address actually exists
Your computer security Testing of your computer's security. Check for open ports and giving recommendations on how to close them
Port check Check a selected computer port
Check a file for viruses After uploading a file from your computer or another source, you will be able to check for any viruses on it
Domain DNS parameters Determine a domain’s DNS parameters
Check a website for viruses Check a website for malicious code
Check for browser updates Check for browser updates
Punycode converter for non latin domains Punycode converter for non latin domains
Server response Check server response
Search for a domain name Search for a domain name
Define IP address by email IP address via email
Password strength Service checking password strength
SSL verification Using this tool, you can check the installation of the SSL certificate on your website
Domain age With this test you can check the age of the domain