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Our service allows you to quickly and easily measure the speed of your internet connection.

To get the most accurate results, we recommend that you temporarily disable any programs that might affect the final result. For example, turn off downloaders (like emule, reget, flashget, bittorrent, etc.), internet TV or radio. Also, it is recommended to repeat the test several times, because the results depend on the connection indicators at a given time.

If you are ready, we can start. Please click "test" and then wait for the result. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection the test may take some time, so please be patient.

Begining speed test, you agree to be bound agreement.


We downloaded a simplified interface. Possible causes: outdated browser, connection failure, slow internet connection.

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ISP: Будем рады, если вы сообщите нам о своём провайдере.
Platform: 2ip.ru, Russian Federation, Moscow (switch)

We have selected the best platform for speed measurement, but you can use another site by selecting another city on the map.

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