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We are sure most of us have heard, experienced or know what SPAM is. Here is a small piece of text from Wikipedia, from which you will learn about the origin of the term.

The term SPAM first appeared in 1936 - this was the nam of tinned ham made by Hornel Foods (Shoulder of Pork and hAM) (according to other sources, in 1937 Hornel Foods produced SPiced hAM). The tinned ham was tasty, nutritious and cheap, which was crucial at that time (it was a spicy sausage meat from second-grade pork). No wonder that soon enough SPAM became practically the national American food. Read more

So, we all know that spam is bad, because we get tons of unnecessary garbage to our inboxes, and sometimes, what's even worse, viruses, trojans and other malicious code. In order to protect users from all this there are databases that contain IP addresses of the most hard-core spammers. Various antispam filters of our email services and software use these databases to separate SPAM from the correspondence we need and expect. How does it work? Let's say, someone sends spam in mass numbers from a specific IP address. This IP is very likely to get into one or a few databases. Then, after receiving a message to your mailbox the email service will check the IP address the letter was sent from for presence in one of such databases. If this IP is blacklisted in at least one of them, a letter is marked as spam and either not accepted or is moved to a special folder or deleted (it depends on the mail service). As a result, this letter does not reach the recipient.

Now you have an idea of how the whole system works. And now imagine that one day you receive an IP address that is blacklisted in one or several spam databases. What does this mean? Yyour letters may be regarded as spam by email services and will not be delivered to the recipient. Why you got this IP address is not as relevant, it could be used for mass mailing in the past.

Our test will help you determine whether your IP address is present in any of several dozen most active SPAM databases. You will also be able to check any other IP you want.

If your IP is present in one of the databases, you will get a notice highlighted in red. By following a link in the notice you will be able to send an application to have your IP removed from this spam database.

By clicking the button below, you run the test. Please note that this procedure mozhent take some amount of time, from several tens of seconds to several minutes. Please be patient.

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