Check a file for viruses

Have some strange or unknown files suddenly appeared on your computer? Do you think they are viruses? Or maybe you were emailed a file that you want to open, but are afraid that it is infected? Or you were sent a link to a file that you are afraid to click on? We have a solution to all of that.

Upload the suspicious file to our server or specify its location on the web, it will then be checked by our anti-virus program and you will get a result.

Our server's anti-virus database is updated every hour, so we are able to identify the latest developments from virus writers.

The maximum allowed file size is 100 MB.

Select a suspicious file on your computer or enter the address where the file is located, and click "Check". Note that uploading a file from your computer may take some time.

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Total number of checked files: 418421
Viruses detected: 18494

Most found viruses

Virus Found
Eicar-Test-Signature 1195
WIN.Trojan.DarkKomet 612
Win.Trojan.DarkKomet-1 462
Win.Dropper.GameHack-9917263-0 411
Win.Trojan.B-468 386
W32.Neshuta.A 379
Win.Trojan.Uztuby-9855059-0 300
Win.Dropper.Bundler-9917193-0 230
Win.Trojan.Generic-9907441-0 219