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Astral Kiev (Astral-Kiev)

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ID: 132782
ASN: 15821
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Address: Kiev
Phone: +380 44 490-5708
About company:
Astral-Kyiv has been operating on the IT market for about 10 years. Recently, due to the growing telecommunication needs of the company's clients, it was decided to spin off a separate line of business associated with the provision of Internet services. The company is positioned in the market as a provider of Internet for small and medium business. A large number of representative offices of foreign companies, a number of large state organizations and educational institutions are among the company's customers.

Astral-Kyiv works with its customers on the principle of maximum transparency by providing all the technical information about the company, which allows you to appreciate all the advantages of working with us.

Highly qualified staff ensures the quality of services and efficiency in solving technical and organizational issues.
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