IP calculator

IP calculator is designed for system administrators. It can run different operations with IP addresses and ranges. Our IP calculator, receiving an IP address or range in CIDR format, will calculate for you: an address range, network mask, number of hosts in a range, network address, network class, and broadcasting address. The IP calculator can also convert an IP address into a binary, decimal or hexadecimal format and vice versa. Additionally, it can handle with the IPv4 as well as with the IPv6 version of an IP protocol.


If you are looking for a simple, quick, and accurate way to get calculations from an IP address, then look no further. The IP calculator online is a very helpful, yet simple, tool designed for use by system administrators.

How does it work?

Using IP addresses and ranges, the IP network calculator can run multiple operations. Our IP calculator will work with the IPv4, as well as with the IPv6 version of an IP protocol. By receiving an IP address or range, the IP calculator will provide many calculations. By entering the IP address or range in CIDR, binary, decimal, or hexadecimal format, the calculations will include:

  • The Reverse Address
  • Address Type
  • Address Range
  • Mask Bits
  • Host Bits
  • Network Mask
  • Inversed Mask
  • Number of Addresses in a Range
  • Number of Hosts in a Range
  • Network Address
  • Broadcasting Address
  • Network Class

The online IP subnet calculator can convert a CIDR IP address into binary, decimal, or hexadecimal format. Our IP calculator can also calculate CIDR format from any of the above options. This is a fast and efficient way to get these calculations.

Who is this for?

Although this amazing IP calculator is available to everyone, the IP subnet calculator is a very helpful and useful tool designed for system administrators. Results appear almost instantaneously. The IP network calculator is completely free to use and yields a variety of accurate data.

Why use this?

The IP network calculator will do the work for you. Just input any IP address or range and you will obtain the accurate results you need. This can be very helpful quite often for system administrators.

In conclusion:

This IP calculator is for you if you need any of this information. Calculations will include addresses, ranges, bit information, and network information. There are no extra steps to take. This IP calculator online is quick and simple, while also effective at getting the calculations you need based on any IP address or range you have. Let the IP subnet calculator take care of the calculations for you.