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ID: 69541
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Address: г. Moscow, 6 Ramenki St.
Phone: (495) 704-00-00
About company:
GorCom works in the field of telecommunications. We design and maintain high-speed data networks in various districts of Moscow and, using fiber optic cables, connect them into a common network with its own channels of communication with foreign Internet resources and Russian providers.

Gradually creating a single information space, our company is connecting educational and medical institutions, as well as municipal facilities to the Internet free of charge as part of a social program.

Our specialists develop high-tech and efficient individual solutions for business optimization, connect organizations to synchronous data transfer ports and provide professional technical support to customers.

Possessing high-speed communication channels, "GorCom" offers a full range of telematic services, including registration of domain names, mail servers and network addresses, creation and placement of sites and their subsequent technical and informational maintenance.
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