Halchiu average internet speed

Enter the name of a provider and/or city and we will show you the internet speed statistics. The data is based on measurements taken on our website (more than 2 million measurements per month).

You will see the average internet speed for the last month, a graph of the internet speed trends for the last 3 months, and a list of recent internet connection speed measurements.

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Most recent measurements

Download (Mbit/s) Upload (Mbit/s) Ping (ms) Provider
0.40 2.55 160 iNES GROUP SRL
0.26 0.35 318 iNES GROUP SRL
24.42 43.96 459 Portlane
46.07 57.51 42 Romania Data Systems
9.85 4.82 148 iNES GROUP SRL
1.31 43.84 141 Дом.ru
6.94 14.14 182 iNES GROUP SRL