Average internet speed

As we mentioned before, our test for measuring the speed of internet connection, just like any of the currently existing tests on the Internet, are unable to give an accurate picture of what is happening. The result depends on many factors, including the workload of channels connecting you to our server, the workload of our server, etc. Speeds measured within a small time difference of only a few minutes can vary greatly.

In order to enable you to more accurately determine the speed of your internet connection more accurately, we have developed a new version of the test. If you place great importance on the most accurate data, we recommend using this test, which currently has no other tests similar to it. The final result of this test can be considered to be the closest to reality.

How is the accuracy of measurements achieved? By taking a large number of measurements over a long time. The system can automatically perform measurements within a certain time and over the intervals you set. For example, if measurements are made within ten hours in 15 minute intervals, this will result in 40 tests performed at different times. Calculating the average result can yield the exact value, or at least the closest one to the reality.

To start the test, choose the total time during which you are going to measure the speed, and an interval. If you want to get the result by email, enter your email address and start the test. Do not worry if you do not have the time to complete the test, you can stop at any time and continue whenever you want. The results of the interrupted test will be saved and the next time you visit the website, you will be prompted to continue the test. Also, you can interrupt the test at any time and instantly get a result.

The only necessary condition is that your computer must be turned on and connected to the internet throughout the entire time of testing. Also, starting the test will open a small browser window that must remain open throughout the duration of the test.

The service is disabled, we are currently working on a more stable version.